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Friday – August 19, 2016

Whym - Build Your Own Beer

Craft Growler(ish) Delivered To Your Door

IF you live in San Francisco/Bay Area that is. Craft beer delivery service Hopsy; who previously delivered beers from their selection of …

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Thursday – July 21, 2016

The Hook, glases with bottle opener built in

Tuesday – May 17, 2016

Sunday – April 3, 2016

Beer and Role Playing Games = baRPG

ThinkGeek brings you the ultimate combination, beer and RPG (and we don’t mean rocket propelled grenade). Play is similar to standard dungeon …

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Wednesday – March 23, 2016

Sunday – March 20, 2016

Talking Beer Bag

After yesterday’s beer bag submission, we stumbled on this new packaging where they embed a programmable NFC chip into the bag so …

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Saturday – March 19, 2016

Beer Bags

Beer Pouch has released their third version of their flexible growlers that are light and oxygen tight. “This 64oz. Flexible Growler is …

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Tuesday – March 15, 2016

Saturday – March 12, 2016

Friday – March 11, 2016

Thursday – March 10, 2016

Wednesday – March 9, 2016

Tuesday – March 8, 2016

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Beer scratchers? No, you won’t win anything but here isbanfuna nd interactive way to keep track of the Craft beers you’ve drunk …

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Sunday – February 21, 2016

Saturday – January 16, 2016

Keeping it Clean

Much like the listing posted a few days ago from the East Coast, Handbrewed Soaps in Oakland, CA has responded with their …

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Thursday – January 14, 2016

Home Brewed Soaps

Smells like Beer Spirit

Homebrewed Soaps offers a full range of soapy products made from a wide selection of beers: soap, shaving soap, shampoo bars, etc with …

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Wednesday – January 13, 2016

Itty Bitty Keg

The Draft Brewer Canonball keg is the first ball-lock mini keg that is small enough (1.75 gallon) for small batch brewers to …

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