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This category is for all those apps that either make craft beer drinking more social, more enjoyable or just more possible. These apps can be for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone or web-based.

Thursday – July 28, 2016

Beat the Brewmaster Finally on Android

The craft beer trivia game that tests your knowledge is now available from the Google Play store for Android devices.

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Tuesday – June 14, 2016

Belgian Beermojis

Why settle for just one beer emoji when you can use the new Belgian Beermojis keyboard (for iOS and Android devices) to …

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Friday – March 18, 2016

Tongue in Cheek Beer Naming App

The web app BrewChase takes a very tongue in cheek approach to providing you not only names for new craft beers but …

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Sunday – January 17, 2016

Next Round of M&As

Untappd, probably the most used app by Craft beer lovers, h announced that they have merged with Next Glass. This change will …

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Saturday – November 28, 2015

Brewery Map Your Next Road Trip

BreweryMap, from the folks at PintLabs who bring us our Brewery data via BreweryDB, has available a great tool for not only …

Next Ones On Me app

Auatin and iPhone onay at this time but app will aalow you to mot only buy goodies and meals for ariends bit …

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Buy Me A Pint app

Love this idea, pity it is London-based so far. App allows you to pay for a beer add for a friend that …

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Monday – August 17, 2015

Friday – August 14, 2015


Facebook for Beer Drinkers. Untappd is the ultimate social network for craft beer drinkers.

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Thursday – August 13, 2015

Picky Pint

Take a picture of a Beer List and get back the info you need to select your beer. Or scan bar codes

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Saturday – August 1, 2015

Craft Beer News Hunt

Think ProductHunt for all things craft brewing. Use the wisdom of the crowd show what’s hot and not.

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