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Sunday – April 3, 2016

Beer and Role Playing Games = baRPG

ThinkGeek brings you the ultimate combination, beer and RPG (and we don’t mean rocket propelled grenade). Play is similar to standard dungeon …

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Saturday – April 2, 2016

Now we’re Cooking With Beer

Fresh from the folks at Craft Beer and Brewing magazine comes an epic tale of man’s struggle against bland food. Now available …

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Wednesday – March 23, 2016

Map Out Your Next Pint

How’s this for a personalized gift? Why not a 16 oz pint glass etched with the streets and neighborhoods of the city …

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Sunday – March 20, 2016

Talking Beer Bag

After yesterday’s beer bag submission, we stumbled on this new packaging where they embed a programmable NFC chip into the bag so …

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Saturday – March 19, 2016

Beer Bags

Beer Pouch has released their third version of their flexible growlers that are light and oxygen tight. “This 64oz. Flexible Growler is …

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Friday – March 18, 2016

Tongue in Cheek Beer Naming App

The web app BrewChase takes a very tongue in cheek approach to providing you not only names for new craft beers but …

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Tuesday – March 15, 2016

The Better Growler?

The Hendrix Keg Company is hoping so. They are in the process of designing a better container for our beloved beer. As …

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Sunday – March 13, 2016

Beer and Bacon Mancakes

From Betty Crocker comes the ultimate in “Hair of the Dog” breakfast for that boozy morning after.

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Saturday – March 12, 2016

All Terrain Beer Delivery Vehicle

What better way to deliver your beer to guests that with this remote control vehicle that will work on land or sea? …

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Stone Oakquinox 2016

Join Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido for a celebration of the delicious extravagance that ensues when beer meets wood. Craft Beer Ambassador “Dr.” …

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Friday – March 11, 2016

Can into Stein? Brilliant!

Now that so many fine Craft brews come in cans, why not celebrate their specialness by turning them into beer steins lime …

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Thursday – March 10, 2016

Protect That ‘Stache

Tired of sucking foam out of you elegant mustache? If so, then every dandy knosws you are going to need a Whisker …

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Wednesday – March 9, 2016

Lolo Lids: Ultimate Beer Koozie?

While I’m not sure you should be hiding what you are drinking (something about a time and a place for everything, the …

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Tuesday – March 8, 2016

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Beer scratchers? No, you won’t win anything but here isbanfuna nd interactive way to keep track of the Craft beers you’ve drunk …

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Monday – March 7, 2016

Politco-Beers: Bernie Weisse

Since we can’t get enough of the folks running for office these days, check out Bernie Weisse from the folks at Zero …

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Sunday – March 6, 2016

WBG Cask Fest

On Saturday March 19th, 2016 you can experience the artistry of craft brewing in the form of traditional cask-conditioned beer. The Washington …

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Thursday – March 3, 2016


Beer Soaked Oven Fries? Yes Please

The Beeroness on Pinterest brings you a fantastic recipe for baking your fries, the Beer way. It is said that soaking in …

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Wednesday – March 2, 2016

Hangar 24 Logo

Hangar 24 Flying Into Lake Havasu City with New Taproom

Hangar 24, the Redlands, CA brewery with a serious aviation bent, has announced that they are going to spread their wings and …

Sunday – February 21, 2016

Pure Project Opens as San Diego’s Newest Brewery

Pure Project claims to Globally source and locally brew their signature beers. “We blend distinctively Southern California style with unique flavors & …

6-Shooter 6-Pack Caddie

Now, with just a little bit of woodworking and following along on instructables, you too can be the proud owner of this …

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